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Writing an effective cover letter: a flowchart for success

I engage in quite a bit of professional development in my classes, and one of them includes the drafting of a cover letter. The students are required to peruse opportunities on a job-posting website (I send them to this one … Continue reading

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eBird News – October 2016

Here’s the latest eBird News newsletter.  Some highlights: Wisconsin’s second breeding bird atlas is underway, and as we pioneered for Pennsylvania’s second atlas, Wisconsin is using the eBird platform for atlasing.  Looks like it’s working great! Hurricane Birds The remnants … Continue reading

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HBW Alive Newsletter – September 2016

The latest news from the Handbook of the Birds of the World has been released, and it’s again a power-pack of ornithological information. For just a taste . . . A new study using electroencephalogram recordings of Great Frigatebirds (Fregata … Continue reading

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Protesting Anthem protests

There’s a great deal of chatter on social media these days about how people behave during playing of the National Anthem.  That’s understandable and it’s good for Americans to stop every once in a while and really examine who we … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t love a watermelon?

I had hoped that by placing a juicy watermelon rind in front of a game camera I’d have some fun photos to enjoy.  I was right. The neat part is that it’s an independent test of my ability to identify … Continue reading

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Conservation is many things to many people

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I’ve never really entered the so-called (i.e., contrived) ‘debate’ regarding New Conservation, because I’ve always felt in my gut that it was a false dichotomy (turns out, I’m not the only one to think this). For…

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