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Writing Manuscripts: The Alternative ‘Guide to Authors’

Post provided by EMMA SAYER “If the reviewer doesn’t get it, you haven’t explained it clearly enough!” This is one quote from my PhD supervisor that I haven’t forgotte… Source: Writing Manuscripts: The Alternative ‘Guide to Authors’

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Why are ecological niches important?

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? An example of a niche model. ?Horseshoe Crab eggs require a convergence of environmental conditions in which to incubate (source: ? Last week, I talked about the decline in aerial insectivores, which includes bats, nighthawks, swifts and swallows.…

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Forum 2017

Saturday, February 4th – ODWC’s Lake Arcadia Conservation Education Building directions to location Register for 2017 Forum As last year, participation is open to anyone working on biod… Source: Forum 2017

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Organizational skill? No, organizational planning.

Are you naturally organized?  No, me neither. About 7 billion people on this planet right now could probably benefit from increased organization in their lives to manage short-term obligations and achieve long-term goals. The good news is that we don’t … Continue reading

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We’re gonna be okay

This is a blog devoted to appreciation and conservation of nature, respect and celebration of science and rational thought, and the occasional rant about how far we still can go in our love and care of fellow humans. As you … Continue reading

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Birding and the Border Patrol – a Rio Grande encounter

Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
While birding the Lower Rio Grande Valley a few weeks ago, we visited a number of out-of-the way places where illegal aliens routinely cross the border from Mexico into the United States.  It’s one…

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Why Keystone XL should be approved

Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
I’m very much in the minority among my environmentally conscious brothers and sisters in that I am convinced that the Keystone XL pipeline should be approved without further delay.  The controversial pipeline resolution was…

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