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Dear Americans, stop using China and India as climate change scapegoats — The Logic of Science

Reblogged from The Logic of Science.   I spend a lot of time on this blog debunking bad arguments, and I have previously devoted a lot of effort to debunking bad arguments against man-made climate change. There is, however, one … Continue reading

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Do my social media milestones matter?

Well, no. Of course not. Still . . . My wife and I started this blog (formerly Eat More Cookies) way back in July 2006. We were about to complete our third year in Oklahoma, with family back home in … Continue reading

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2016 Partners in Flight Landbird Conservation Plan

The updated Landbird Conservation Plan from Partners in Flight has just been released. As with previous iterations, the emphasis is on applying objective criteria to determine those species in most need of conservation, delineating the habitats within ecoregions important for … Continue reading

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The Waterthrush Podcast #20: Little Martha

Today, 1 September 2014, is the centenary of the death of Martha, the very last Passenger Pigeon.  In an op-ed published today by the New York Times, executive director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology John Fitzpatrick shares his thoughts … Continue reading

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Timothy Egan discovers “nature deficit disorder”

Illuminating piece (and discussion comments from readers) from Timothy Egan on the topic of nature deficit disorder.

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The Beauty of Carl Sagan. (Really? Yeah, really!)

I was there.  I walked that campus and slept through my classes and met my wife and pulled all-nighters to cram for my exams . . . while Carl Sagan was somewhere on that campus, thinking mind-expanding thoughts, inspiring a … Continue reading

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Australian Academy of Science on climate change

Elizabeth Finkel recently reported in ScienceInsider that the Australian Academy of Science has issued a report confirming their judgment that climate change is real, human-induced, and a serious problem. While public opinion wavers on the notion of human-induced climate change, … Continue reading

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