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More nails in the yeti/bigfoot coffin

The pseudoscientific business of belief in undescribed hominids wandering the wilder places of our planet marches on like a yeti across an alpine snowfield. I found this Barry Gibb-resembling bigfoot at Pike’s Peak in Colorado last summer, and it was … Continue reading

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Dr. Steven Novella on what the “bigfoot DNA” most likely is

On his Neurologica blog, Dr. Steven Novella does an excellent job of explaining with clarity what those active bigfoot skeptics have been assuming to be the case for the past couple of years with claims of “bigfoot DNA” having been … Continue reading

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The Waterthrush Podcast #13: Bigfoot DNA?

Episode 13 of The Waterthrush Podcast is now live. A press release claims that a paper still in peer review is about to be published, and that it will prove the reality of “bigfoot” as descended from the love children … Continue reading

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