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A falcon’s meat locker

Nature never fails to surprise and impress, even when I’m surprised by something impressively cruel and gruesome. We learned this summer of a fascinating predatory behavior among Eleonora’s Falcons nesting on islands off the coast of Morocco.  The falcons there … Continue reading

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How will you observe Darwin Day, 2015?

It’s Charles Darwin’s birthday tomorrow, and people around the world will be celebrating intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, and hunger for truth.  How will you observe International Darwin Day?

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Whole-genome analysis rewriting relationships in the Neoaves

Back when I took Ornithology as an undergraduate, my knowledge of avian relationships had been formed primarily from the arrangement of species presented in Chandler Robbins et al.’s Birds of North America, ca. 1966. A new, exciting, and confusing world … Continue reading

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The “rim-laying” Black Robins of the Chatham Islands

The islands of New Zealand are, like those throughout much of the Pacific, a hotbed of ornithological endemism.  Thousands – and millions – of years in isolation from mammalian predators led to the evolution of vast numbers of species poorly … Continue reading

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creationism in UK schools

Interesting story here in the rise of creationism in UK schools – and the chilling trend of teachers avoiding evolution instruction rather than get caught up in “controversy”. The twist here is that the rise in students with creationist beliefs … Continue reading

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