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Celebrating Sopy Peale – Matthew Halley

Alexander Wilson was but an erstwhile weaver and provocative poet trying to stay out of debtor’s prison before he met Sophonisba Peale. Matthew Halley reacquaints ornithologists with a remarkable woman we should have never forgotten.

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Your life is profoundly meaningful

It’s quite simple, really. The matter in our universe is comprised of the same elements throughout. Proportions differ and it might be mixed together differently here and there, but it’s the same stuff. Some of those mixes develop self-replication under … Continue reading

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AFO Afield, December 2013 newsletter

This special issue includes a history of the Association of Field Ornithologists, from regional bird-banding to an international force for ornithology. AFO_Afield_Dec_2013

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Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
I heard from the folks back home that they attended my Great Aunt Jenny’s 80th birthday party on Saturday in Utica, NY. The big hit of the party, however, was not Jenny but her…

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