Hello and welcome to The Waterthrush Blog, a wordpress blog by Tim O’Connell.

Eat more cookies began as a family blog to keep folks back East in touch with what we were doing day to day as we settled in to build a new life in the prairie landscapes of Oklahoma. We were so busy doing those things, however, that we rarely ever blogged about them, and Facebook fills that void just fine.

Eat more cookies evolved into a forum for me to share information on the things that matter to me, mostly birding, conservation, and science. There are some oddball things too, like movie reviews and haiku.  In 2014, I changed the name from “Eat more cookies” to “The Waterthrush Blog” in an effort to better reflect the ornithological content that dominates my posts here, and to align with The Waterthrush Podcast that you can access here.  So The Waterthrush Blog is today a place where you can primarily find . . .

  • newsletters from conservation organizations
  • career advice and mentoring for academic success
  • commentary on science, skepticism, & futurism
  • birding trip reports and photos
  • a not-too-shabby podcast
  • occasional political rants.

Thank you for stopping in.  Please let me know what you like and what you don’t, either by rating posts and commenting or contacting me directly at Uticabirder AT gmail DOT com. Of course, all original comments presented here are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of, well, anyone else really.

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Please feel free to follow me on Twitter where I am @Seiurus. (That’s the old genus name for waterthrushes; they’re now Parkesia.) You can access nature recordings (a great way to learn bird songs!) and some of my original songs on my SoundCloud page. There’s a similarly eclectic collection of videos you can access on my YouTube channel.

Again, thanks for visiting.  Good birding,

~Tim (and Magic, who helps with a lot of my writing)

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