Environment for the Americas – Sep. 2015 Newesletter

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Planning for International Migratory Bird Day 2016 is underway.  Think about events that

you could hold to celebrate our migratory birds.  Next year will mark 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act – that’s a century of multiple countries working together on the conservation of our shared natural resource in migratory birds!

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Get involved – take the survey!

Celebrate scissortails on International Migratory Bird Day!

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Aldo Leopold fly fishing on the Lily River

Check out this found footage of Aldo Leopold on a fishing trip in 1924!  He also pokes a snake with a stick.

Building a Land Ethic: a Blog for our Thinking Community

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HBW Alive newsletter #15

Handbook of the Birds of the World Alive, newsletter #15

Cassowaries growl.

Biddulph’s Ground-jays look super cool running over rocks and dunes.

This photo (by Tomas Grim) exists.

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These amazing experiences, and a lifetime more, await you in the Handbook of the Birds of the World.

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Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative newsletter

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The latest Bats and Wind Energy Cooperative newsletter has been distributed by Bat Conservation International.  Check it out for the latest in siting and operations research to minimize bat mortality from wind turbines.


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Talkin’ birds on the radio – Sep. 2, 2015

I joined Steve Daniels and Master Gardener Keith Reed for a chat on Stillwater’s Morning Scramble yesterday morning.  A fun time was had by all.  In case you missed it:

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A falcon’s meat locker

Nature never fails to surprise and impress, even when I’m surprised by something impressively cruel and gruesome.

We learned this summer of a fascinating predatory behavior among Eleonora’s Falcons nesting on islands off the coast of Morocco.  The falcons there hunt migrating songbirds and cache them for future use.  That’s not too unusual, as many predators kill more than they can consume at one time to provide some insurance calories when times are lean. The unusual part is that these falcons are storing live prey.

There appear to be two storage strategies for these falcons: wedge small songbirds into holes and crevices too tight for the little birds to escape or pluck every wing and tail feather off the hapless victims so that they are unable to fly.

Read more here.

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Three trillion sounds like a lot of trees . . .

but it might only be half of how many there were a few thousand years ago.

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Learn more about Thomas Crowther’s fascinating effort to estimate the number of trees we have – and the number we need.

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