Farewell Twitter

Things are happening on a certain social media platform that might revive the blogosphere!

The Lab and Field

Alas, the ongoing crumbling of Twitter means I’ve been locked out because of a glitch in their two-factor authentication. After a decade, nearly 16k followers, and 130k tweets, I’ve got mixed feelings. Hence a rare revival of the blog.

On the one hand, Müsk is trash, and I’d been slowly disengaging from the site since early 2022. But I also wish I could have said farewell on my own terms. There’s a slim chance this post will auto-post to twitter, so perhaps this is it?

Folks, it’s been a blast.

Twitter brought me so much joy, so many friends (so many!), professional collaborations, and wonderful personal connections that will remain forever in my heart.

It made LGBTQ+ STEM into what it is today and brought together a queer science, tech, engineering & maths community. It filled my heart with joy.

Its demise has been sorry to see. Like an old…

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