Why can’t humans affect the climate?

If you have insights on this please help me understand. 

As noted this week, discussions of anthropogenic climate change have peaked since President Trump’s decision to renege on US commitments to the Paris Climate Accord.
Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 3.19.18 PM

Google trend on interest in “climate change”.

One of the primary reasons for denialism of climate science is a pervasive notion among fundamentalist Christians that humans cannot change the climate; only God can do that. Can someone enlighten me on the source of that idea?
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Senator Snowball, your time is up.

Humans have caused a great many species extinctions. Humans have developed all but about 1% of the tallgrass prairie. Humans have dammed rivers to make giant lakes; we’ve made new land with sediment dredged from river bottoms and coastal waterways; we’ve blown the tops off mountains to access coal seams within. Humans have cut a canal between two continents to link oceans. Humans have affected the atmosphere in any number of ways, e.g., thinned the ozone layer, filled the air with so much soot that people die from asthma attacks, completely altered the pH of northern lakes through acid precipitation . . .

What’s so special about climate that we can affect all of these other things but somehow only God can monkey with climate?

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2 Responses to Why can’t humans affect the climate?

  1. Chris Pragman says:

    Sounds like you want data to back-up their policies…

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